The Child Who Needs HASC

Does your child have Speech, Learning or Motor Limitations? Do they have Behavioral Difficulties? If so, they may benefit from our programs.

Speech and Language Development:

  • Receptive Language – We can improve your child’s limited vocabulary comprehension and difficulty following directions or help them remain attentive during group lessons or story time.
  • Expressive Language – Does your child have difficulty naming objects or pictures? We will expand your child’s verbal language skills to request, comment or label.
  • Articulation and Phonology – Does your child have difficulty with the word order of sentences? Do they omit, substitute and/or distort the sounds of words making it difficult to understand? We can help.

Motor Development:

Includes Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills

Does your child have difficulty sitting, crawling, standing or walking? Are they aversive to noise, touch, smell or movement? Do they have abnormal muscle tone? Do they have difficulty feeding, dressing themselves or manipulating age appropriate toys? If so, we can assist in your child’s Motor development.

Behavioral Difficulties:

Is your child overactive or impulsive? Do they experience difficulties when playing with other children? Do they have difficulty in toilet training? We can help your child overcome their behavioral challenges.

HASC provides a range of services for children ages Birth to 21 years. We are guided by the philosophy of Least Restrictive Environment in our program presentation.

This includes:

  • Home Based Therapy (EI)
  • SEIS/RS are provided at the child’s daycare center, nursery or at home.
  • We also have Center Based classes and Integrated classes as part of our preschool program.

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